Working Experiences

  • 2013 – Now: Senior Software Engineer at CREATE Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2012: Explorable Ultra High Resolution Videos, Researcher and Programmer, CREATE Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, 4 months
  • 2011: Neural Tractography, Researcher and Programmer, Schneider Lab at LRDC, University of Pittsburgh, 4 months
  • 2010: Migration from COBOL to Oracle Database, Analyzer and Programmer, Tejarat Bank, 3 months
  • 2009: Risk Management and Anti-Money Laundry for Banks, Analyzer and System Designer, Compuco Inter S.A., 5 months
  • 2007: Engine Management System, Research Institute of New Technologies in Automotive Electronics Industry, 9 months
  • 2003: Natural Language Processor, Designer and Programmer, PayaSoft, 6 months
  • 2003: Information Retrieval Search Engine for Digital Library, Designer and Programmer, Amirkabir ICT, 3 months

Invited Talks and Events

  • 2014, November: Presenting EVA, CREATE Lab Satellite Network board meeting
  • 2014, October: Presenting EVA, Code for America, Pittsburgh Branch
  • 2014, June: Invited by Google to Google I/O Extended Conference at Google Pittsburgh
  • 2014, February: Presenting my work on “Exploring large and high dimensional datasets using EVA“, The Data Pipeline Course, Prof. Mankoff, HCI, CMU
  • 2014, April: Presenting my work on “Exploring large and high dimensional datasets using EVA“, Prof. Munro, iSchool, PITT
  • 2005, August: Invited to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, USA, Fully funded by Google (as being ranked between the first 40 teams in 2005 ACM/ICPC world finals)

Teaching Experiences

  • 2007: Teaching Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, Instructor: Prof. M. Nili Ahmadabadi, University of Tehran
  • 2006: Teaching Assistant, Advanced Logic Circuits, Instructor: Prof. M. K. Akbari, Amirkabir University of Technology

Developer Skills

  • C, C++, C#, Matlab, Java, Ruby, Python, Pascal, Assembly
  • JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, WebGL, HTML
  • Network Programming, System Programming, Shell Scripting
  • .NET Framework, Qt
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • Webots, USARSim, Robotic Operating System
  • Windows, Linux, Minix, RTX51 (Real-time OS for 8051 microcontroller)

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